We provide users with all of our data, so that they can do their own experiements, or download the data in bulk.

Size File Description
70Mb All comparison data for genome comparison whose 16S rRNA gene identity is above 80%.
256Kb A tarball of the All vs. All graphs available on the about page.
5.4Mb The maximum 16S rRNA identity between all pairs, even those below 80%.
688Gb WARNING: This file is extremely large. This is a tarball of all blast files in our database.
39Kb This file contains all of the taxonomic data we have, which was originally collected from NCBI with some corrections.
44Mb This file links the gene IDs in each genome to their accession number and location in NCBI, where the sequences can be downloaded.
34Mb This file links the sequences of markergenes in each genome.

If you do not see a download you are looking for on this webpage, please contact us.